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Published:February 5th, 2010 17:17 EST
Butt Groper Arrested

Butt Groper Arrested

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Ridgeland, Miss., said a man has been driving around and grabbing women`s butts, Jackson television station WAPT reported.

Debbie Thweatt said she was walking out of a Walmart on Tuesday when a man drove up to her and grabbed her butt.
`He grabbed me, and I was looked into his eyes. He had no expression on his face and didn`t open his mouth,` Thweatt said."

I`ve heard of a gang banger doing a drive-by and putting a cap on a rival`s behind, but this is ridiculous! It`s stressful looking for a place to park in a Walmart parking lot, women don`t need the added aggravation of watching out for a serial drive-by ass grabber.

I commend Thweatt for her presence of mind, she was able to jot down the pervert`s license number. Thanks to Thweatt`s quick thinking, Christopher Johnson was arrested.

The idea of a serial butt grabber may seem comical, but this is a serious crime, and I`m glad the groper was arrested by the police.

Now that Johnson is behind bars, it`s his turn to worry about an inmate becoming too familiar with his behind.

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