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Published:April 8th, 2010 22:45 EST
Kim Jong Il: The Dear Leader As Fashion Leader

Kim Jong Il: The Dear Leader As Fashion Leader

By Geoff Dean


 By now you have probably seen them everywhere. On the streets of major cities, at fashion boutiques, on the modeling runways, in music videos. Of course, I`m talking about khaki or bluish-gray overall-style work suits a la Kim Jong Il, the fashion dictator of North Korea. Not yet? Well, just wait. They are on their way.

 According to Uriminzokkiri, a North Korean news web site with an incredibly hard to pronounce name, quoting the always reliable Communist Party newspaper Rodong Sinmun (remember all those holes-in-one?), Kim Jong Il`s fashion has started a worldwide trend. This is due to the "deep impression" that the "august image of the Great General" gives to people the world over, causing them to even immitate the clothes he wears. It is because "his image as a great man is so outstanding." Who knew it was all because of the khaki jumpsuits?

 The website went on to quote an unnamed (how convenient!) French fashion expert who declared that "Kim Jong Il mode, which is now spreading expeditiously worldwide, is something unprecedented in world history." I only wonder why it wasn`t an unidentified Italian observer. I guess "French" sounds more fashionable somehow.

 Of course, some would contend that Kim Jong Il is merely following the sartorial genius of his father who picked it up in turn from that fashion trendsetter, Chairman Mao. Some might suggest so. Just not in North Korea. Not if they wanted to live to see tomorrow.

 Anyway, dear readers, you`d better rush out and get one or two before they are sold out. I just passed a group of Kim Jong Il wannabes at a construction site near my house in western suburban Tokyo. And by the way, an unidentified American journalist has just declared that articles by Geoff Dean are the best he has ever read and are "starting a revolution in journalism. And golf playing."