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Published:April 10th, 2010 09:29 EST
dead guy

Two Women Try To Smuggle Corpse Onto Plane

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Two women were arrested at a British airport on suspicion of trying to smuggle a dead relative onto a flight bound for Germany, police said on Tuesday.

dead guyThe 91-year-old deceased man was pushed in a wheelchair through Liverpool`s John Lennon airport wearing sunglasses before check-in staff became suspicious and he was prevented from boarding the plane.

He was believed to have been driven about 35 miles to the airport by taxi from Oldham, Greater Manchester, police added."

This crazy incident would make a good sequel to "Weekend At Bernie`s." It`s a lot harder pretending that the middle-aged Bernie was alive, because people expect a 40-something guy to talk, move around, and basically act like a sentient being.

Anybody who is 90 and older looks dead, and we really don`t expect them to say or do much of anything.

I commend the check-in staff for noticing that the old man was dead. The clueless airport security guards would have interrogated and frisked the old goat without realizing that he was dead.

The taxi driver probably noticed that the old man was dead, but as long as the two women paid the cab fare he didn`t mind.

Something`s rotten in Denmark, why did the two ladies try to smuggle a dead person onto an airplane? Come to think of it, this crazy story doesn`t remind me of a movie, but a reality show.

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