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Published:June 19th, 2010 10:54 EST
world cup

World Cup Fan Ruptures Throat Blowing Vuvuzela: Thank God!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Insurance saleswoman Yvonne Mayer, 29, was unable to speak or eat for two days after ripping her windpipe when she blew the three foot horn during a street party in Cape Town.
world cup
The next day shocked doctors diagnosed her with a ruptured throat and ordered her to rest it completely to allow it to heal.
The bizarre injury is the first known vuvuzela-related accident since the World Cup kicked off last week."
Yvonne Mayer is a very attractive woman, and normally I`m heartbroken if a hottie so much as stubs her toe. But I don`t have the slightest bit of sympathy for Yvonne, you pick up Satan`s instrument at your own peril.
The vuvuzelas are ubiquitous at the World Cup , and the infernal noise makes the games unbearable to watch. I`d rather hear Roseanne Barr sing the national anthem or make love to a midget than be subjected to the hellish sounds of a thousand vuvuzelas.
If there`s a god in heaven hundreds of soccer fans will suffer a similar injury while blowing a vuvuzela.
Soccer has failed to take off in the United States, and now that Americans have witnessed the diabolical scene of thousands of idiots blowing vuvuzelas at the World Cup, i`ts certain that futbol will never gain a foothold in our country.