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Published:June 23rd, 2010 16:37 EST

Drunk Wakes Up With Bullet In Leg! Duh, Who Shot Me?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Some people wake up with a crick in their neck. Tracy Durham woke up with a bullet in his leg.

drunkDurham, 48 of Peoria, was treated Monday morning for a gunshot wound that he got the night before.

He says he never even knew he was shot.

Durham told police that he attended a party on Sunday night. He says he recalls calling a friend`s girlfriend ugly before taking a swig of whiskey."


Some thoughts and observations:

*If you wake up with a bullet in your leg, and you`re not sure when you were shot, you might be an alcoholic.

*If you drink whiskey straight from a bottle, you might be an alcoholic.

*If you`re a man with a girl`s name, maybe you should change your name so you won`t be shot like a punk.

*If your friend shoots you because you called his girlfriend ugly, he`s a drinking buddy and not a real friend.

*It`s never a good idea to attend a party on Sunday night, even if you don`t get shot by a friend you will still be in no shape to go to work the next day.

*Never make any comments about your friend`s girlfriend. If you tell him that she`s hot, he might think you`re sleeping with her, and if you say she`s ugly, you might get shot.

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