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Published:July 8th, 2010 13:48 EST

Lady Settles Noise Dispute By Flashing At A Five-Year-Old Boy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A CANADIAN woman has sparked controversy after settling a neighbourhood noise dispute by flashing her breasts at a five-year-old boy.

Marika De Florio, 56, said the boy was driving her mad by driving a loud all-terrain vehicle past her house, the Toronto Sun reported.

bratShe decided to go topless in the street so that the boy`s grandparents would be forced to call him inside." - Perth Now

Marika`s plan worked like a charm, the grandparents immediately ordered the little punk to come inside the house. The old couple probably bought the little brat the all-terrain vehicle to keep him out of their hair. The elderly couple could care less that they bought a little peace for themselves at the expense of the peace of mind of their neighbors.

The old coots called the cops, but they refused to arrest Marika because Canadian law permits ladies to go topless in public as long as they are not doing it for money nor being overtly sexual.

I think everybody can agree that a 56-year-old woman brandishing her hooters out of spite isn`t being overtly sexual.

Marika has done a public service, due to all the publicity this incident has garnered a lot of attractive young women now know that it`s perfectly legal to go topless in public. God bless you Marika!

I hate bratty kids and mean old coots, I`m glad that the tiny terror and his grandparents were put in their place.

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