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Published:July 18th, 2010 09:54 EST
wine rack bra

The Wine Rack Bra: Enhances Boobs And Allows Ladies To Smuggle Wine

By Robert Paul Reyes


", based in Paterson, said the $29.95 Wine Rack, available in sizes ranging from 32A to the 38C, holds enough wine to boost the bearer`s bust by up to two sizes with a drinking tube attached to the right cup giving women a way to sneak sips of wine on the sly, the New York Daily News reported Friday." UPI.Com

Amy Winehouse`s silicone boobs look ridiculous, maybe she can have her implants removed, and wear a Wine Rack. The only problem is that the alcoholic crooner drinks like crazy, in a couple of minutes she would lose two breast sizes.

wine rack bra

BaronBob.Com should sell a Wine rack for dudes, it may make a guy look like he has man boobs, but what gentleman wouldn`t want to secretly sip wine while he`s at a boring opera?

Dudes, don`t get your woman a Wine Rack for her birthday or any other special occasion. She`ll respond by screaming "So you think my boobs are small?" or "Do you think I`m a lush?"

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