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Published:July 26th, 2010 10:03 EST
air conditioner

Crazy Couple Would Rather Sweat Like Pigs Than Turn On Air Conditioning

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Stan Cox of Salina, the 54-year-old author of `Losing Our Cool,` contends using less air conditioning is good for the environment and for people`s overall health, The New York Times reported Saturday.

air conditionerCox and his wife, 42-year-old artist Priti Gulati Cox, refuse to cave in to the urge to use an air conditioner even with temperatures in the 90s. Instead, they rely on open windows and fans, wear light clothes, and turn off heat-generating appliances and lights. They also tend to either sit under shade trees outside, gravitate to rooms away from the sun or head to the basement."- Reuters
Right now we are experiencing a heat wave in Central Virginia with temperatures reaching triple digits. Without air conditioning even if I opened every window in my house, and I had fans blowing in every room, it would still feel like I had died and gone to hell.

Air conditioning is good for people`s overall health, without it many elderly would succumb to the unbearable heat. Air conditioning makes summers in the South bearable, and it has saved countless lives. Only a lunatic or an eccentric would urge people to turn their air conditioners off.

Without an air conditioned home Cox and his wife sweat like pigs and smell like skunks. I would caution their neighbors to avoid their house like the plague.

The homeless, crackheads and nutjobs like Cox can broil in the heat, but I have my air conditioner on.

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