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Published:July 26th, 2010 13:53 EST

Dastardly Crime: Vandal Snaps Off Penis From Statue Of Angel

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The penis has been snapped off the statue of an angel at a top fashion designer`s family grave plot.

angelVisitors to the Bornstedt cemetery in Germany have been annoyed by Wolfgang Joop`s stone angel with a protruding manhood since its erection in 2008.

Despite the desecration, Joop says he has no plans to fix the statue at his family`s plot, though he has filed a complaint with police who are now hunting the vandal.

Joop said: `This is a desecration of a cemetery, snapping off an angel`s stone penis is just not done.`"

I unconsciously crossed my legs when I read the phrase "the penis has been snapped off". These words are more terrifying than reading that somebody`s head was chopped off, or that a hapless person was disemboweled.

The di** who perpetrated this dastardly deed should be given a stiff sentence. He is resonsible for a lot of guys having horrible nightmares.

The vandal was probably a dude who was jealous that the angel`s manhood was always at attention.

The angel has now been rendered a eunuch, and I wonder when folks leave flowers by the grave are they for the deceased are for the hapless angel?

Joop`s comment is classic: Snapping off an angel`s stone penis is just not done. Amen, brother, Amen!

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