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Published:August 6th, 2010 09:57 EST

Little Girl Kicks Burglar In The Nuts, Wimp Runs Away

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 12-year-old British girl said she discovered a burglar in her family`s kitchen and drove him off with a swift kick in the groin.

nutsGeorgia Bulis-Gray said she heard a door slam while she was alone in her family`s Bosham, England, house and discovered the stranger standing in the kitchen, The Sun reported Wednesday.

`He smiled at me and I thought, I do not want him thinking I am just a helpless little girl,` Bulis-Gray said.

She said her solution was to kick the crook between the legs."

Maybe it`s time we stopped using the expression, "cried like a schoolgirl" to denote cowardice. There was nothing cowardly or tentative about this 12-year-old British girl`s actions. The situation demanded a kick to the groin, and the little girl followed through with courage and expertise.

The brave girl even gave the cops a rough sketch of the suspect. I hope they nab the burglar, and throw him in jail.

But no homeowner should depend on the physical prowess of his 12-year-old daughter to protect his home. If I discovered a burglar in my home, and he smiled at me, I would have blown him to hell with my shot gun.

That little girl has moxie to the max, if she was selling Girl Scout cookies, I would buy a whole case. Hell, she might kick me in the nuts if I bought just one box.

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