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Published:August 9th, 2010 10:10 EST

Memory Medallion: Dead Can Speak From The Grave

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Pennsylvania company says its `Memory Medallion` product for tombstones allows cellphone users to access text, video and Web sites about the deceased.

tombstoneGlenn Toothman of Waynesburg said his company, Memory Medallion, sells the standard package for $225, earning the purchaser a barcode-marked medallion for the tombstone that directs cellphones to a Web site containing eight pictures, a printed biography and a 1,000-word story, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Friday." UPI

When I visit the grave site of a loved one the memories come without the aid of a high-tech gizmo. I don`t need a printed biography or photographs to remember a family member of friend who has passed away.

A biography will list the accomplishments of the deceased person: Awards received, university he graduated from ... But when I remember my friend Amy it`s not her many accomplishments that come to mind, it`s her smile, her delicious brownies and her encouraging words.

I might be tempted to write a brief autobiography listing my accomplishments as a writer, including a couple of essays. But most of my friends and family might remember and appreciate me for entirely different reasons.

High-tech has no place in a cemetery, there will be no "Memory Medallion" on my tombstone.

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