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Published:August 22nd, 2010 13:09 EST

Sign Of End Times? Vuvuzela Added To Oxford Dictionary Of English

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The ever-present hum of the vuvuzela during this year`s soccer World Cup catapulted the plastic trumpet to prominence and now it has earned a place in the Oxford Dictionary of English. Read More

In hell the satanic hum of the vuvuzela inspires and hypnotizes demons to unleash all kinds of deviltry against the condemned souls.


On Earth the drone of the vuvuzelas incited normal well-adjusted folks to kick their dogs, and hurl their remotes at the TV televising World Cup matches.

I have written over a dozen articles calling for municipalities, sports teams and stadiums to ban this infernal instrument. What a cruel irony that I played a tiny part in the editors of the Oxford Dictionary including "vuvuzela" in their dictionary. New words are compiled from analysis of words used in everything from novels to Internet sites, and my vuvuzela essays have been widely circulated online.

Inclusion of the word "vuvuzela" in the Oxford Dictionary of English gives it a sense of permanence. The forces of evil have won, vuvuzelas are here to stay.

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