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Published:September 20th, 2010 14:36 EST

Don't Tell A Girl Her Feet Stink, You Might Get Stabbed In The Back!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Dallas Amber Smith, age 18, was challenged. The challenge? She had to do a backflip. In order to prepare herself for the landing, she doffed her shoes. When a whiff of her pungent feet got to one of her drinking buddies, the 19-year-old man did what most people would do in that situation (after having had a few), he started to tease her about her stinky feet." Read more

Under ordinary circumstances if you tell a woman that her feet stink to high heaven, she`ll give you a dirty look, but she won`t resort to violence.

But when alcohol enters the picture all sorts of mayhem may ensue. Dallas, who didn`t have any prior interaction with the criminal justice system, buried a steak knife a few inches into her buddy`s back.

Not a smart move, Ms Stinky is facing a charge of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon. Not to mention that the entire world is now aware that Dallas Amber Smith has stinky feet.

Dudes, if you have a foot fetish stay the hell away from Dallas Amber Smith! One lick of her smelly foot, and you will be cured of your fetish.

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