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Published:September 21st, 2010 14:15 EST
inflatable soldier

Russian Company Makes Inflatable Tanks! How About Inflatable Soldiers?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Moscow company says the inflatable jets, tanks and missiles it creates for the military appear real when viewed on radar or by satellite.

Viktor Talanov, marketing director of Rusbal, said the products can momentarily confuse enemy pilots during a conflict, "and time is money," The Moscow Times reported Tuesday.

inflatable soldier

However, Talanov said the Russian Defense Ministry has not told the company how its realistic, life-sized inflatables are being used.


This is a prime example of "thinking outside the box", an inflatable jet is a lot less expensive than any other type of decoy.

The American military should consider buying inflatable jets and tanks, they would easily fool the ragtag soldiers that our armed forces face in Third World godforsaken countries.

The Russian company should consider manufacturing inflatable soldiers. If we had invaded Iraq with millions of inflatable soldiers, the Iraqi "warriors" would have prostrated themselves before the plastic army.

Scary scenario: Russian inflatable jets are blown out of course, and President Sarah Palin nukes Russia.

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