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Published:August 4th, 2005 09:53 EST
Simon Says...Maximize your moment!

Simon Says...Maximize your moment!

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

Hello, my friend. Did you know that yesterday is a memory and tomorrow exists only in the imagination? That means today is all that matters. According to Nobel prize-winning scientist Daniel Kahneman, there are 20,000 individual moments in a waking day. A moment last only for a few seconds, but when it’s repeated over and over it creates momentum. If you recall what you learned in high school physics class, momentum refers to the quantity of motion that an object has. It is apparent that an object in motion has a large momentum if either its mass or its velocity is large.

However, an object at rest does not have momentum; it does not have "mass in motion." If you are to maximize your moment, then consider evaluating your speed, direction and mass in motion. Are you harvesting positive results that maximize the seeds of time, effort and brilliance? If you are, congratulations. If not, why? Have you ever met someone who was always busy? They are always running hither and thither looking important, calling the shots, reaching for their crackberry (another name for blackberry) to respond to an urgent message from the office. Is this person excelling, or merely effective? Only time will tell.

I am inviting you to consider each hour of the day as an employee of your corporation, You, Inc. Simply put, every second of the day you are laboring to give birth to a bigger, better, and brighter future. Invest your human resources (time, energy and intellect) to create momentum that moves you in the direction of your intended future. Rid yourself of the gremlin of procrastination that suffocates, stifles and saps your creativity and ingenuity. If you don’t, then the pile on your desk will continue to move from left to right.

Moments matter. Every leader should create a memorable moment by spending quality time with individual’s three layers down in the organization. Do this because you want to. And, yes I am pressuring you. Every manager should express to their staff members how much they are making a difference in the organization and encourage senior management to congratulate them often on a job well done via a personal visit, phone call or handwritten note sent to their home address. A sincere thank you takes only a second, but it last a lifetime.

If you receive a check from an employer, it is your responsibility to master your moments which create momentum, thus producing monumental results. Ask yourself, “Is the task I am about to undertake a wise use of my time, or is this busy work?” If you do this on a regular basis, I propose to you that your job this year will not look the same next year. If it does, then either it will have been eliminated or you will have more responsibility. Are you shocked? Don’t be. Always remember the person who knows how will always have a job, but the person who knows why will always be the boss. Maximize your moment. It’s not too late.