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Published:March 21st, 2006 14:01 EST
Appearing To Get  Perfect

Appearing To Get Perfect

By Rasha Lamba

After my examinations, I returned home from school. My father began asking me a thousand questions about how my exams went, what was the room like, what were my teacher's wearing as well as numerous other questions.

In between, I found myself lost in my own thoughts. I was happy as well as satisfied about my performance, but deep in my heart I felt confusion and sadness.  Every parent that I have ever met wishes for his or her child to be somebody extraordinary... maybe a doctor, an engineer, or a person with a high profile job.

Children should not dare to be ordinary and should understand that these tests-- at least for them-- have value in life and death, even if the child has just started school at merely 5 to 6 years of age. In my point of view, examinations are a part of our educational system, but are not meant to be the final word set in stone. Passing and failing does not signify anybody's ability to improve in the future.

When I was leaving the examination room, I saw many parents literally emotionally suffocating their own children; despite the poor children who were weeping and continuously giving answers.

Unfortunately, some of these parents have no education and have not fulfilled similar requirements themselves, and want more for their children.  Therefore, some parents place unneeded stress and unrealistic expectations upon their own children.  They should realize that kids are not hi-tech computers, and that whenever you push a button you will not get a perfect answer every time.  Parents need to let their children’s brain cells grow naturally, as they want to.

Parents need to give their children love and affection in abundance, as well as guide them and tell them what is right and wrong.

Syllabus, exams, and us,
Creating in this world, a big fuss.
Let us come together and create an agenda,
An honest and simple propaganda,
We need a little rest, to be the child best.