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Published:February 8th, 2011 11:11 EST
Simon T. Bailey's 2006 Interview with Judyth Piazza

Simon T. Bailey's 2006 Interview with Judyth Piazza

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Judyth Piazza`s journey has led her to create the Student Operated Press ( ) a student career assistance foundation. will not only help students become better writers, it will also help to build the leaders of our future. will provide a platform in which students are able to create a story, have it edited by their colleagues as well as proven media professionals to be published in the real world publications such as the Local Buzz Magazine and Florida People Magazine. In addition, this foundation will offer multiple online broadcasting opportunities and scholarships.

Simon T. Bailey

Release Your Brilliance

Are you releasing your brilliance? When you do, you have it " " a special, distinctive quality, a vibrant energy that attracts others. You feel a buzz " alive and connected. You`re free to be authentically you and to rediscover your incredible value and worth.

The most frustrating feeling in the world is to touch what could be your brilliant future and then to feel it slip from your grasp. If you`re like most people, you probably experience brief moments of inspiration, when you catch just a glimpse of the brilliance hidden within you. And then, just like that, it`s gone.

Release Your Brilliance provides the combination to the vault where your brilliance is kept. It guides your transformation with interactive tools such as Personal Appraisal exercises and Diamond Polishing action steps, and thought-provoking, true-life stories of Living Diamonds.

Author Simon T. Bailey, will teach you how to reshape your life from the inside out. He uses a powerful diamond metaphor to illustrate how you can become all you were meant to be.

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