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Published:September 18th, 2006 02:51 EST
The life of a college Senior: Volume I

The life of a college Senior: Volume I

By SOP newswire2

Editorial Note: The following story was originally submitted by a former contributor who is no longer affiliated with theSOP.
So it`s a little after 5 a.m. and I just finished doing Spanish homework. Yes, homework, this early in the morning! and I understand Spanish just as well as I understand Dog, so I don`t know how I`m passing this class... but I`m not going to bring it to my professors attention. either.  Any how, I am so sick and tired of school right now, it`s ridiculous.

I know everyone says the real world isn`t any fun, but I am just getting tired of cities after a while and I think it`s officially time for me to move.  I felt this exact same way my senior year in High School (which is how I ended up leaving Virginia Beach to attend college at FSU in the first place)... and now, my senior year in college, I feel the same urge to move halfway across the country and never look back. We`ll see in August where I end up moving for good, but in the meantime, Tallahassee is no longer my cup of tea. I`m tired of seeing the same people over and over; yet, I`m not really interested in meeting new people so it`s a Catch 22.  Oh, and recently I`ve been getting harassed by bums-- which is very random, yet another aspect of living in Tallahassee.

Take today, for example: I`m in the gas station looking noticeably irritated because I`d just woken up with a terrible headache, so I ran to the local BP to buy some Excedrin. As I walked into the gas station,  this bum (ok, that`s politically incorrect so I`ll just say `guy`), asks "Can I ask you a personal question?". So I say "No, I don`t know you for you to ask me a personal question"... then he proceeds to say "Well, it`s not really personal." So of course I`m consued at this point since he just said it WAS personal, but whatever. Long story short, he asked if I was taken and I told him I was a lesbian, so whether I was taken or not, I wouldn`t be interested.  (Sidebar, I`m not a lesbian, I just didn`t feel like being bothered at the time).  So then he just gives me a weird look trying to figure out if I was lying or not, I guess, and proceeds to walk out of the store. I buy my Excedrin and head out to my car only to realize he`s waiting for me by the door with his little knapsack and a brown paper bag in tow. He then asks me for a ride which gave me the sudden urge to fall over and die of laughter, but I decided against it. Instead, I just acted like I didn`t hear or see him and went home. So yeah, that`s installment #1 of what I`ll call "The Bum Chronicles".

I can`t think of anything else to write about at this time, though, so I`m going to sleep before I have to go to class at 10 a.m.

Adios, people!! I learned that in Spanish ;)