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Published:July 25th, 2007 14:26 EST
West VA University Psychology Department Receives Top Honors

West VA University Psychology Department Receives Top Honors

By Tristan Mack

The clinical psychology department at West Virginia University was ranked as one of the best programs of its kind, according to a recent article in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.*

The study based these rankings upon research output and publications by graduate students in the program over a five-year period.  According to the article, WVU placed 13 in the total number of publications, with 308.  The study also placed schools higher based upon the number of graduates who serve as faculty.

Dr. Kevin Larkin, director of the clinical training program at WVU, is pleased with these results, as ranking was based upon research output and not reputation.

“Many rankings are based upon ratings of prominent educators,” Larkins said in a press release.  “The weakness is that program Chairs rarely have knowledge of all programs in the country in order to make accurate appraisals of their quality.”

Larkins added that these findings are more accurate, as they are based upon the programs themselves.

Among the universities WVU placed above were Yale, Duke, and Auburn.  UCLA was ranked at the top, with over 600 publications by its students.