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Published:November 25th, 2007 03:15 EST
We Are Getting Older

We Are Getting Older

By Sarah Schwarz

As people get older, they start to change.  They start to mature and act like adults.  There is going to be a part of everybody, though, that still likes to act a little immature at times.  I mean you can`t always act serious.

Life doesn`t get any easier as you get older; it actually gets much, much harder.  You don`t have people to lean on all the time and parents to provide food as well as a home for you.  You are your own person and you have to take care of yourself. 

I`m only 15 years of age and I`m already seeing that life isn`t going to be easy.  You take it as a journey, learn from your mistakes and fight for what you want.  If you want something badly enough, then you will give it your all to make it happen.  If it doesn`t happen, then I guess you really didn`t want it all that much.

I`m just ready for the journey to come. I`ve been saying a lot how I can`t wait to graduate from high school, but the day after I graduate I am going to be so confused as to what to do with myself.  You don`t have to get up and go to school everyday and things will just be so different.  College (that is, if you decide to go), some people, means having having to worry about paying for college, getting a good job, friends and family, relationships-- so that`s what all of us have to look forward to, at least the young people. The older, wiser people have already been through all that and know how it feels, and what you need to do to make something of yourself.

Therefore, this is a shout-out to all the young people who are just now starting their life or are about to in a year or two.  Let`s try to make it the best we can!