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Published:January 15th, 2008 11:00 EST
When Shall we be Free?

When Shall we be Free?

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

How often do we hear constant reminders of Dr. King’s life during his birthday week?  It comes and it goes but the words, "I have a Dream" still ring like King's words in our minds. 

Well today, I have discovered something more meaningful and more difficult to communicate with ease in the words of this poem.  "When Shall We Be Free" is written with a duality and concern for both Black and White in this matter since I have both of those bloodlines running through my veins.  Both Clinton and Barack are dealing with the tinges of race as the subject arises in the news.

I have a dream
these words blaze through my mind
counter attacked by
politicians blowing smoke screens
ignorance rises on both sides
words spoken out of context
insinuations tall allegations
politicians braggin about they
understand King's dream
But it still has us all wondering...
When shall we be FREE?
Mahalia Thomas spirit still cries
daughter of a sharecropper
never spoke proper in her tattered dress
Cataracts covered both eyes
fingers crooked from pickin' cotton
hands like Mississippi clay
teeth missin as she's chewin' a Day's Work
87 years of livin racism
not yo momma but somebodies momma
Tell me Hillary, Tell me Osama
When shall we be FREE?
Old man Phillips a slave owner
wishin' he could be dis-engaged
but he got children by an African slave
while his own livin' free he wished
his other children could
but there momma is a slave
and he'll be carrying this secret to his grave
but he don't won't nobody
messin' over his cotton pickin' children
even though there momma is Black.
so when shall we be FREE?
See that man there's Black
See that woman there's White...why they got to fight?
Choosing words that reflect
on the inside somethin' ain't right.
They're carrying over 200 years
of embeds in their heads, pass negative words said.
It's sad...can they see the dream of Dr. King?
It's hard to tell when the mudslings.
because we can't get away from the past
words bound in the mind like a physical cast...
so when shall we be Free?
I have a dream & I dream like King
King dreamed free
King dreamed me
How deep can one dream be.
So this election
don't play on the King dream
don't play on race
after this rest yo case...
so when shall we be Free
Free of slick Rick's & TV Politics 
Free of millionaire elections
Free of mudslinging
Free of the election race about race
or the election by gender
Free one day when we can both surrender
all of our lies and alibis
Free to give up all of our stereotypical hatreds
Free of all of our guilt and shame
so when shall we be Free?