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Published:February 20th, 2008 06:30 EST
Abstinence is the Answer!

Abstinence is the Answer!

By Tina Marie Holewinski (Mentor/Columnist)

You hear it time and time again.  Abstinence ", we are told, is the way of the past. "  It`s pushing religious standards on a non-godly culture, " or pushing a standard that just doesn`t work anymore.  As Alan Colmes of Hannity and Colmes " told me once that I was living in fantasy land if (I) thought that teens are going to believe and follow (an) abstinence message and NOT HAVE SEX. " 

My response was, I`m sorry, Alan, if you have such low standards for our youth, but I can`t sleep at night knowing that I`m telling the next generation that it`s OK to have premarital sex and there will be NO consequences when in reality, we can see the HUGE issues our youth are facing because they believe and follow POP-CULTURE. " 

Simply put, if premarital sex was OK, there would be NO consequences.  My mission in life is to EXPOSE the lies.  As one teenaged girl once told me when she heard my message in South Carolina, Tina, I could be an atheist and still want to abstain from sex till I`m married. "  I waited 30 years until my wedding night to enjoy the benefits of sex without guilt, shame or sexually transmitted diseases and that was a wedding gift that I was excited to receive!  It is possible!  Many teens, once they see the possibilities and know that someone believes in them " WANT THE BEST FOR THEIR LIVES!  Even Jamie Lynn Spears regrets having sex.  She said shortly after revealing her pregnancy that I definitely don`t think it`s something you should do.  It`s better to wait. "  People need to hear the truth regardless of how much it convicts them.  The more I get the truth, the more I change for the better.  It does require an open heart that is ready and willing to receive the truth and act upon it.    

What I don`t understand is that people will try to justify their actions by categorizing other people`s standards as pushing our religion on others. "   I`m being hounded by other people`s beliefs on a daily basis.  I don`t want to come across as rash on the very first edition of this radio show, but I want you to understand that my goal is to get people to put their defenses aside and just seriously think about the topics being discussed.  That`ll be the basic premise of my pop-culture updates.  Our defenses and complacency have cause our youth to suffer greatly.  There has been a huge rise in teen murders, pregnancy, abortions, drug overdoses, rapes and cutting " throughout the past decade.  When my dad was in school the biggest NO! NO! was chewing gum in class "things have definitely come to a head.    

One of the things I want to do in this new feature in the weeks ahead is focus not just on the problems, but analyze some of the root causes of those problems.  Media messaging, the music industry, and pop culture in general will be covered.  Contrasted to that cultural context, is the role and responsibility of parents in our society. 

Until next time, check out  And go out there and make a difference.