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Published:May 15th, 2008 14:15 EST
Hey, Glenn Brandon Burke, What Should I Do?

Hey, Glenn Brandon Burke, What Should I Do?

By Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)

Hey, Glenn Brandon Burke, What Should I Do?
(Weekly Advice Column)
Glenn Brandon Burke, M.A.Ed, is a
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Hey, Readers!

Wow! The amount of advice questions I've been receiving for this column is incredible. Thank you. However, I've also been receiving a lot of questions regarding my forthcoming book. And since the release has been changed from this Summer to the Fall, this week I will share an excerpt from the book. -gbb

(An excerpt from my book)

I have learned, the hard way, that operating on your feelings is not the same as making positive CHOICES. Such as, getting into bed, realizing you forgot to brush and floss, and considering not getting back up because you don’t “feel” like it. Well, I guarantee you will “feel” it down the road when the dentist is coming at you with a needle the size of a baseball bat. But I digress…

By 10-years-old, I was smoking cigarettes and weed on a daily basis. I remember visiting my Dad once when I was perhaps (11 or 12-years-old) and noticing a roach in an ashtray along with a couple cigarette butts. I decided to play dumb with him and ask what it was. My Dad, a great example of the hands on style of education, not only explained weed to me, but we sat out under the stars that night and smoked our very first joint together. Thanks for the memories Dad. And the munchies. And for helping me develop a belief system that was fairly warped.

I was committing petty crimes around this same time -- breaking into houses because I was small enough to fit into bathroom windows -- that type of thing. Breaking into automobiles and stealing loose change and music that I would sell to the local record store for their used collection section. I thought doing this would make me cool; and in a way, it did. I was now hanging out with the "cool kids" -- the teenagers. I was now accepted.

However, as I now look back, I did all that because of peer pressure. I was allowing someone else to dictate what I would do. And that's what peer pressure does to a person. It takes away your identity. It allows someone else to control your actions. And I would justify all that by saying I did those things because I wanted to. Most of those guys would come and go through juvenile hall as though there was revolving door. I was choosing to follow them, in allowing their opinion of me to matter so much. How stupid!

School was just there. Sometimes I went, and sometimes I didn’t. When I did go, I was just moving through the day as though I couldn’t have cared less. Why should I? Who had the time or concern to check my homework, praise my efforts, or sooth my sorrows? My grades and school attendance clearly reflected the lack of accountability in my life.

Thank you all for your support!