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Published:September 2nd, 2008 22:25 EST
Twenty-Six Schools Lead Emerging New Trend in United Kingdom Education by Embracing MiniFrame`s Multi-User PC Technology

Twenty-Six Schools Lead Emerging New Trend in United Kingdom Education by Embracing MiniFrame`s Multi-User PC Technology

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MiniFrame, supplier of the powerful multi-user and cost-efficient PC solution, SoftXpand, announced today that 26 schools throughout the United Kingdom have implemented hundreds of its PC workstations as a measure to expand their computer rooms and provide a further enriching educational curriculum focused on improving academic results through the facilitation of technology.  A total of 527 workstations have been supplied to 26 schools throughout England and Wales.   MiniFrameUK, the UK distributor of SoftXpand, and their reseller network, worked on the implementation of the software at the schools.


Primary and Secondary schools alike are leading the virtualization trend by demonstrating the financial benefits and flexibility of multi-user software in addition to noticing a marked learning curve due to MiniFrame`s highpowered and high quality solution. SoftXpand`s unique ability to convert one PC into up to eight fully independent virtual PCs consisting of only a monitor, keyboard and mouse without additional proprietary hardware, corresponds with these educational institutions` goal of supplying high performance PC workstations to the students and teachers at an extremely cost efficient price compared to standard PCs.


As the next generation PC, SoftXpand enables a full PC experience by supporting educational multimedia and graphic applications and helps contribute to an enriching and interactive educational experience. Providing an opportunity for more students to have access to computers, MiniFrame`s versatile multi-user solution helps equip students with fundamental computing skills to prepare them for higher education.


Eli Segal, MiniFrame`s CEO stated, MiniFrame`s SoftXpand is the ideal solution for the educational sector as it accomplishes every school`s vision of providing computer accessibility and the highest quality PC experience at a fraction of the cost.  As the next generation PC, MiniFrame`s vision is for computers to no longer be regarded as a luxury but rather an indispensable educational tool to help sharpen the skills and knowledge of our youth."


With the goal of replacing at times faulty suites with a more reliable platform on which to help maintain excellent educational standards and opportunities, a combined total of 527 SoftXpand workstations have been purchased to date by an array of state schools.  MiniFrame`s flexible solution will significantly reduce the schools` total cost of ownership (TCO), since the system only requires one CPU for multiple workstations, and will also only require maintenance and management of the host PCs. Further areas of reduced spending for the schools include: PC warranty, PC insurance, software deployment, and networking.  The solution is also a true green IT solution - helping the schools save at least 75% in energy consumption, by conserving the power consumption of up to seven PCs.

About MiniFrame


MiniFrame`s technology offers a software solution that is a true substitute to hardware. SoftXpand turns a standard PC into a rich multi-user PC with the capability of creating up to eight independent workstations, each of which boasts a wealth of multimedia capabilities and displays rich PC performance. This next generation PC is a software only solution with no proprietary hardware. MiniFrame`s vision is to provide PCs, to any given market level, at a fraction of the cost. SoftXpand software drastically reduces the amount of required hardware leading to huge reductions in Total Cost of Ownership, enables improved PC management and is the ultimate green IT solution. MiniFrame has distribution partners in five continents, and is continuously seeking to expand its international distribution network, offering a unique window of opportunity to its partners.

 For partnership inquiries please visit or contact MiniFrame by email:


If you are in the UK and are interested in SoftXpand for your organization, or are interested in reselling opportunities, please contact MiniFrameUK at, or by email:; Tel: 01629 888162



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