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Published:September 14th, 2008 13:57 EST
Students Display Good Character

Students Display Good Character

By Hedy Phillips

Orrville students walked the path to good character during halftime of Friday night`s high school football game against Clear Fork.


As part of Character Education Week in the schools, students in the first through eighth grades participated in the halftime show by carrying signs with the words of the month printed on them


Sixth-grader Trezhar Allen had the word honesty.  He said he tries to tell the truth as much as he can because it is important


Sometimes it slips out though," he said.  But, I try!  I try!"


At the end of the Orrville High School Marching Band of Style`s halftime show, the band split to create a path across the field so the students could march through and display their signs while Dave Tibbitts, one of the band directors, explained to the crowd the necessity for good character.


Sandy Troyer, a guidance counselor at the middle school, helped to coordinate the show and encouraged the students to participate.  She estimated about 100 students turned out to carry the signs.


Troyer`s daughter, Jamie, who is in first grade, had respect for her sign.  She said, It means I have to listen to my mommy and daddy when they tell me to do something."


Eighth-grader Megan Hubbard said respectfully, It`s important to treat others the way you want to be treated.  That way, they`ll treat you the same."


Third-grader Allison Brown had two words: fairness and compassion.  She said the two words go hand-in-hand all the time, especially at school.  Everyone should be nice to everyone else," she said.  Kids should be nice to the teacher and the teacher should be nice to the kids.  That way everyone`s being fair and nice."


Each month of the calendar year has a designated word of the month, including such words as honesty, respect, compassion, cooperation and sportsmanship.


Walking the path to good character" is the theme of this year`s Character Education Week, which runs from Thursday to Thursday.  Students were given red character education shirts to wear to promote the effort.


Events will be held in the community to promote good character.  Upcoming events include a game night at Heartland Point, programs at the public library and assemblies in each of the three schools.


Character Education Week is part of Orrville`s Heartland Education Community, Inc.  The program was initiated to promote good character not only in the students of the community, but in the community itself.  It was created in conjunction with the Institute for Global Ethics during a series of seminars.  Originally, nine words of the month were instated, but as the initiative grew, words were added for the three summer months.