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Published:January 2nd, 2009 18:40 EST
Is Governor Palin More Qualified than Diva Kennedy? You Betcha!

Is Governor Palin More Qualified than Diva Kennedy? You Betcha!

By John Lillpop


Kudos to diva Caroline Kennedy for finally crawling out of her protective cocoon of elitist wealth and privilege long enough to perform a vital public service.

That public service occurred when Ms. Kennedy exposed herself to scrutiny by the New York press, which revealed her severely limited vocabulary, shallow intellect, and which proved, conclusively, that an education from a liberal eastern school(s) is darn near worthless in the real world.

In the process of being deflowered by folks who should be her allies, the 51-year-old Camelot reject took the place of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the most maligned woman on the global political stage.

From the report, linked in reference (1), this, in part:

"By the count of the New York Daily News, Caroline Kennedy used the phrase `you know` two hundred times in an interview with the Daily News, a hundred and thirty times in an interview with the New York Times, and eighty times in an interview with TV station New York."

That totals 410 "you knows," quite normal for a pimple-faced elementary school brat in need of a crash course in remedial English before graduating to high school, but hardly what one would expect from a serious candidate to replace Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton as New York`s junior member in the United States Senate.

More from

"Some experts in public speaking suggest that this tendency to use `you know` on the part of Caroline Kennedy is a sign of inexperience. The `you know` tic can be solved by training and practice.

"The problem for Caroline Kennedy is that this training and practice should have happened before she suddenly leaped into the deep end of the political pool. First impression count in national politics and Caroline Kennedy as made a poor first impression."

Caroline Kennedy has other problems.

Most significantly, unlike Governor Sarah Palin, who has been elected and served as a mayor and as Governor of Alaska, Caroline has no political experience or record of public service.

Being a spoiled, 51-year-old diva with symptoms common to women in mid-life crisis does not qualify anyone, even a Kennedy, for the United States Senate.

Then there is the matter of pedigree.

Unlike Governor Palin, Caroline Kennedy has a famous uncle who, in a drunken rush to commit adultery, drove a car off a bridge, swam to safety himself, but whom abandoned a 29-year-old female passenger (not his wife), dooming the young woman to death by drowning.

That would be Teddy Kennedy, who because of his wealth and political connections, was not prosecuted for manslaughter and served no jail time for his role in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

Finally, and least importantly, unlike Governor Palin who is drop-dead beautiful, charismatic, and an inspirational ball of energy, Caroline Kennedy has about the same sex appeal and oomph! as White House correspondent Helen Thomas.

Not cool!

Is Governor Sarah Palin more qualified to serve as Vice President than Caroline Kennedy is to be a U.S. Senator?

You betcha!

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John W. Lillpop