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Published:August 2nd, 2009 10:59 EST
English Start English for Speakers of Other Languages

English Start English for Speakers of Other Languages

By Yasmin Esack

First let me thank all those kind persons who have bought my book and continue to do so. You truly lift my day. I also want to thank Judyth Piazza and SOP for the opportunity to write about it.

I want to begin by saying that authors of educational books often give great consideration to what would be really useful to learners. In my case, it was learners of English Language. English Start is an Elementary Level book geared for adult learners who are just starting out. The book really is an ESL self study book that comes with answers to make things easy for the learner.

Adults are often left out in the governments` policies and strategies in education. In addition, authors tend to ignore the need for books to be specially designed for adult learning. Ten to one would be a guesstimate as to the ratio of student and adults entering programs of educational enhancement.

Adults hate learning a foreign language. That`s a fact. Unless  they are forced to do so by need.

English Start`s approach to learning English as second Language is easy and best of all gears the learner to obtaining a certificate. Why a certificate you may ask.

Well, English proficiency is a subject matter that is more and more gaining the attention of employers across the globe. Soon all classifications of workers from cleaners to executives are going to have to have an English Proficiency certificate in their hands.

English Start covers all areas of learning- Reading, Writing , Listening and Speaking. The grammar is emphasized because of the need to understand the topics presented. These range from Personal Identification to learning to request and give information. The book`s details makes it stand out from other books. The author goes to great lengths to make sure the learner understands. Simply that!

Adults need not shy away from learning a language and one as challenging as English.

English Start is for adults and this author urges them to learn English the right way.