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Published:January 21st, 2010 18:42 EST
Drinking In College: Most Students Do It

Drinking In College: Most Students Do It

By SOP newswire2

College is a time when many young people across the nation endure rigorous classes in order to obtain a good job that will increase their chances of survival. However, with the stress of hard classes and fitting in with their peers, drinking has become a major problem at many colleges throughout the United States. In recent studies by the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence, 43% of all students reported drinking in a high risk manner at some point of their college career.

 There are many dangers in heavy drinking that include date rape crimes, hospitalization because of an overdose, or even death to one`s self or someone else. Drinking does not only affect the person who is consuming the alcohol, but it can and will affect everyone around them. In another recent study 60.5% of students have had their study or sleep interrupted due to a friend drinking while 53.6% have admitted to having to take care of a drunken classmate or friend.

So how can we stop this growing trend and save today`s young people from destroying their lives and future from the effects of alcohol? The answer is drug education for the youth of America.

Here at Narconon Arrowhead, we are dedicated to educating today`s young people about the dangers of alcohol as well as drugs. With the right knowledge our young people are less likely to use  alcohol and/or drugs and we will see an increase in college students graduating and living a happy and productive life. 

If you or anyone you know has an addiction to drugs or alcohol call Narconon today. We offer drug and alcohol education from our drug education specialist, John Bitinas. Narconon also has counselors available around the clock to answer any questions you may have and to find you or someone you know the help that they are looking for. 

Our toll free number is 1-800-468-6933 or you can visit our website at for more information on how to live this life drug and alcohol free.