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Published:June 25th, 2006 15:49 EST
Sleuth: Mystery, Crime, Justice

Sleuth: Mystery, Crime, Justice

By Garrett Godwin

The term sleuth has been defined for years.  For instance, sleuth is defined as a private investigator (private eye, private detective, gumshoe) hired to protect people where the law couldn't, taking cases the "professionals" can't or won't handle. Now, it is being define again-- as a brand-new satellite channel called Sleuth, where there is mystery and crime all the time.

Debuted this month, Sleuth airs movies and television shows that receive critical acclaim, were short-lived, and/or became both cult favorites and classics. 

Shows that are now on Sleuth 24-7:

Knight Rider: Michael Knight and his super car KITT are champions of the road and the innocent against criminals that are above the law.

The A-Team: Wanted by the Army for a crime they didn't commit. Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and B.A. are soldiers-of-fortunes/modern-day Robin Hoods that defend those who can't defend themselves.

The Equalizer: Seeking redemption, ex-spy Robert McCall (Edward Woodward) helps people that have the odds against them on the streets of New York.

Miami Vice: Crockett and Tubbs fight crime and corruption in Miami-- and looking good while doing it.

Simon & Simon: A.J. and Rick are more than brothers.  They're the best of friends as private investigators that tackle crime in San Diego.

Homicide: Life on the Street: This highly praised, award-winning drama follows the professional and personal lives of detectives as they solve crimes in Baltimore.

If you want see where justice is served and where the good guys win, check out the Sleuth channel.  Not only is there mystery and crime, but there is also justice.