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Published:August 18th, 2006 14:20 EST
Charlotte, NC - Want to Break a Leg?

Charlotte, NC - Want to Break a Leg?

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Acting is not being emotional, but being able to express emotion.
                                                                          - Kate Reid
Lights, cameras, action "does this phrase conjure up visions of the golden age of cinema or the star studded streets of Hollywood`s walk of fame,  If so, how does this sound?

If you are a man, you could get paid a handsome amount of income to spend a few months playing opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones as your wife, and Halle Berry as your mistress.   Or, if you are a super sexy starlet want to be ", you could snag quite a lofty income as well as spending a few months playing opposite George Clooney or Denzel Washington. 

You would get to kiss, dance, play around with these actors/actresses and you could chalk it up to being all in a day`s work. Now that`s a career to think about.

First thing`s first ... to break into the acting industry " it is best to get some experience in front of a crowd.  A good place to start is your community and school theatres. Another essential step is to take some classes on public speaking or get involved with Toastmasters, which is an organization, geared to help people learn to speak in front of large groups, which is an essential skill for acting.

The next step is to find an agent.  No matter how difficult it is to obtain an agent to represent you, do not forget that the key word in this is YOU.  The agent`s job is to serve your interest, and your best interest, is what pays their bills. 
Here are some basic things to remember when searching for an agent. 
Send agents your resume, some things to include are your height, weight, eye color, hair color, date of birth.  Assuming you want to be in film, the work you have done in the past should start with the film Industry, then TV Commercials, Industrial, Radio, and finally, Theater work. In addition, send your headshots and contact information.

As a good rule of thumb avoid working with ANY agent that requires the use of their photographer, in order to be represented.

Also, do not conduct business with anyone that pressures you into utilizing any of the services they may offer in order to be represented adequately.

If an agent requires a fee for representation, say no.  Most reputable agents work on a commission basis only.
There are several agencies in the Charlotte area that are more than willing to work with novice actors.

We are a full service company in business since 1963 incorporated in 1987. We provide models and actors for local, regional, and national venues. Through our affiliate organization AMTC we have provided talent for many actors such as Matt Czuchry, "Gilmore Girls" on WB, Erin Cahill, "Freebirds" an upcoming series on Fox, and Nelson Diaz, who was recently on Comedy Central with six national commercials under his belt including John Deere, Slim Fast, Arby`s, Campbell Chunky Soup and Blockbuster Video and the list goes on, " said Mandy Silla, Carolina Talent Agency, Inc.

However, keep in mind that acting is an ongoing process. As sappy as this might sound, if you have aspirations of becoming a thespian, before people can tune into you, you will have to tune into yourself thus figuring out exactly which extreme you can take yourself to when it comes to emotion.

It is also important to snag any acting and public speaking jobs that come your way regardless of how small they may seem. Remember, experience pays off.   Many actors long before they became household names like Tom Cruise started their acting career doing TV commercials, as well as acting in as many theater productions as possible. And now you have it, a few simple steps to help you reach your dreams.  See YOU at the movies.


Carolina Talent, Inc.
Mandy Silla, Agency Director
 1230 W. Morehead St. - Suite 110
Charlotte, NC 28208
Ph. 704-332-3218
Fx. 704-343-2593


Carolina Talent Agency is full service and they occasionally invite top casting Directors to do weekend seminars such as Barry Shapiro with Herman and Lipson New York, and locally Corrigan & Johnston. Much of what they do locally is a great training ground for bigger markets like New York and LA.  They are proud to be third in the nation for movie and TV work.

Evolution Models and Talent

Carin Foppe, Scott Cooper, Josh Utsey

Charlotte, NC 28203 
Tel: (704) 375-9797
Fax: (704) 375-9796
Evolution is a full service agency that represents actors and models, four 
years to senior citizens. We provide talent for TV, film, print and catalogue.

Libby Stone Talent Agency

Libby Stone
Charlotte, NC 28203 
Tel: (704) 377-9299
Fax: (704) 377-9299