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Published:October 31st, 2006 09:03 EST
This Halloween, get Supernatural on DVD!

This Halloween, get Supernatural on DVD!

By Garrett Godwin

Mix The X-Flies with Route 66, two cool guys and a sleek, black 1967 Chevy Impala, and you`ve got Supernatural: The Complete First Season, now available on DVD.

The series, in its sophomore season on the new CW Network, follows Sam and Dean Winchester (WB alumni Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles), two brothers going from town to town fighting demons and other dark forces that threatens the innocent.

Over 20 years ago, a very powerful demon took the life of their mother, leaving their father John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to begin "the family business" with his sons-- "saving people, hunting things" while looking for "the one" that took his wife. The DVD has all 22 episodes, featuring extras such as deleted scenes, audio commentaries and more.

Episode highlights from Season One:

"Pilot": With a bright future ahead of him and a great girlfriend named Jessica, things were looking great for Sam-- until Dean shows up with bad news.  "Dad`s on a hunting trip", he said, "and he hasn`t been home in a few days."

"Home": The brothers must return to their hometown to face their haunted past while trying to keep another family who has moved into their old home from the same tragic fate they had.  There are a couple of twists that will surprise you.

"Route 666": This episode is centered on Dean as he comes to the aid of his first love-- and it`s not even a car.

"Salvation" and "Devil`s Trap": This two-part finale shows the Winchester men working together as both a family and a team.  They`re getting closer to The Demon that killed Mom and Jessica, leading to a climatic finale that sets for this season. What makes Supernatural excellent is mixing standalone episodes with character development.

Sam is the sensitive, younger brother while other brother Dean is laid-back and sarcastic.  Though they may not always get along, these two care for one another and always have each other`s backs.

Another element is the show`s success is the brothers` relationship with their father.  While one sticks to the family business and abides by what their father wants, the other is always at odds with him because he wants to have a normal life.  But no matter what, the Winchester men soon realize that family is all that matters.

Though they`re up against CSI, Supernatural continues to hold its own with Smallville as its lead-in.

Watch season one on DVD and continue to watch new episodes every Thursday night at 9pm on the new CW Network.