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Published:December 19th, 2006 06:19 EST
Find of the Week: Concealer as Foundation?

Find of the Week: Concealer as Foundation?


Product: MAC`s Select Moisturecover Concealer in "Cache" A recent trip into the city of Chicago found me scurrying along the sidewalk amongst the hundreds of other weekend window shoppers, waiting for my friends to call and take me from this crazy whirlwind into a much safer (and warmer) flat. Determined to use the time as wisely as a young fashionista could possibly do, I headed into the inviting elements of Macy`s (previously known as the infamous Marshall Field`s), after diving past tourists admiring the window displays as if they were finely spun chocolatiers inside. I moseyed on over to the MAC Studio were makeup artists were busy applying their best products on the real thing, troubled women of all ages looking to weather through Chicago and what it was doing to their makeup. Prepped of course with my own skin concerns, I managed to allow myself to be coaxed into the nearest chair and begin the makeover ritual. Purely for the reason of research, I`m sure.

Like any fair-skinned lady, I have been blessed with a fine tint of blue just gracing under my eyes on even my most rested days. After expressing this to my lovely makeup artist who, I was relieved to see, had nothing on her skin except for some surprisingly attractive yet bold teal mascara, she set to work describing me the various elements behind choosing the proper concealer. What I didn`t except to find, instead, was the most flawless foundation I have ever had. Upping the color used on my under-eye area one level, she used the tiniest amount of concealer and a shadow (gasp!) brush to blend into my acne-scarred skin. The affect? The softest skin I ever saw.

But at $14 for a small bottle, would this last me very long, I asked. Like the sure-footed artist, she had already proved herself to be, my Monet whipped out the end of a broken-off Q-Tip she had dipped into the bite-size bottle of concealer. I could use the rest of this on three people, " she said, brandishing it about. She described to me that despite only using a small amount of my face, the shadow brush had helped spread it evenly about. Where the seems of my nose presented more concentration of redness and irritation, she was able to add a bit more without making it look to heavy in one area.

Knowing that a fresh and natural face is always chic and sexy on both the glossy pages of a fashion spread (especial this Spring 2007) and to all men, I promptly decided to invest the mere $14 for the concealer (in the shade used for my face). With my face aglow and feeling light, I stayed out to the wee hours of the night, exposing my poor skin to sweat, smoke, and Chicago`s smog. The next morning I finally experimented for myself the powers of my new foundation " on my tired face. Viola! I was youthful and radiant once again. Believe me, ladies, this skin of mine comes complete with acne scars, pimples, blackheads, and even the minor peeling on previously sunburned nose (hence the redness). If this mini bottle of bliss can transform this crater-head into a sateen-skinned beauty, you too will see results!