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Published:January 12th, 2007 05:46 EST

Pulse on DVD review

By Michael Bergeron

This movie is about as scary as the idea of going hunting with Dick Chaney.  If you are not a fan of violence, gruesome death, or anything scary, then Pulse is your cup of tea because it portrays none of that.  The initial idea of this movie was interesting, and played on the possibility of what technology is capable of, in terms of the supernatural, but failed to deliver even minor scares.  The fact that the creatures can be kept out of a room by sealing it with red tape, does not match with the rest of the movie, seeing how they can come through computers,  but not red tape cover up the peep hole in the door.

The main character Kristen Bell, at first impression seems to be a lot like a much younger, less attractive, and if humanly possible, less talented version of Sarah Michelle Geller.  The other less important characters are so moronic that instead of performing the simple task of unplugging a dead friends computer, that they think has a virus, sending out “help me” messages, they decide to skip that task and wander around the room he hung himself in with a phone cord, which almost immediately results in their death. 

The “monsters” in this movie do not even kill people, they suck out their will to live and then leave them alone.  After a short while, those people just turn into a pile of ash, and that is the end of them.  The “monsters” could have been a bit more creatively done, other than looking like a bald albino man after he rolled around the in contents of about ten vacuum bags filled with dirt.

The previews of other movies were more interesting, and some were even scarier than the actual movie that costs $20.  Expect Pulse on DVD to make its way from the “New Release” section, all the way to the $3.99 bin at the Dollar General, before the end of the month.  This movie is so bad that reviewing the special features would be redundant and even making a joke about how bad it is at this point is useless.  I give this movie 3 out of 10 stars.