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Published:February 18th, 2007 10:46 EST
Cut Hollywood's Youth Some Slack!

Cut Hollywood's Youth Some Slack!

By Maria Grella

Britney Spears has been spotted missing…not her underwear…but her hair.  It seems the mother of two made her bald debut in Body and Soul, a tattoo parlor, in the San Fernando Valley, while being inked with a tiny pair of pink and red lips on her wrist.

You know one of two things is happening in America when a hairstyle makes major headlines.  Either it is a slow news day or the hairstyle is attached to a famous or infamous person and the media is overly scrutinizing their every move.

Let us face it; the media at large has gotten way out of hand.  A story of a pretty young mother found dead after losing her eldest child and giving birth to another, would, under normal circumstances, be cause to let the family grieve in peace.  A teenager whose excessive partying lands her in rehab or a young man who may be trying to keep his sexual preference to himself are scandalous stories if they’re attached to someone famous.  If you are on celebrity status, then all bets are off.  Minute details, speculations and theories of each aspect of their lives will be unearthed or made up and broadcast to the public.  Reputable news stations that were once hard news based have now gotten into the act to get viewers’ attention and those ratings up.  

Some make it too easy, setting themselves up for tabloid fodder by drawing unnecessary attention to their antics.  All celebrities and wanna-bes know where the back doors are to restaurants and clubs, and if they truly want to be unnoticed, there are ways to get around the paparazzi.  Another argument is that these people are paid exceptionally well and chose to live their lives in the limelight.  Privacy is a small price to pay.

Britney Spears’ real life drama has long become unfolded in the public eye.  These stars either cannot catch a break, or feed off the spotlight.  Her latest stunt to be blasted on news stations and entertainment outlets alike is that she has shaved her head.  Yes, America, this is something that needs to be reported.  The fascination with pop culture is undeniable.  There are famous people whose glamorous persona captures our interest.  There are those whose downward spiral makes us mock-shocked as their train wreck lives crash and burn in the tabloids.  It gives us something to gossip about and makes us feel better about ourselves.  We are all guilty of this at some level.

Does nobody remember what it is like to be young?  Hasn’t anyone made a mistake before?  How would you like your every move to be broadcast worldwide?  If the kid down the street shaves their head, maybe it might spark a passing comment here and there.  But if Spears does it, the rumor mill is in full swing and it is mostly negative.  Reports at the salon are that she shaved her head because she did not want to be touched.  Isn’t that a cry for help?  Her excessive partying and rehab in and out rumors, added to her impending divorce and custody battle are enough to drive anybody over the edge.

Whether you are a fan of Britney Spears or not, you need to accept that she is human.  It does not matter how many people are around you; when you feel isolated, even in the public’s scrutinizing eye, criticism does not help.  The same goes for her peers.  Mistakes help us grow and learn.  Everyone deserves to live their lives, mistakes and all, without being blasted for them.