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Published:February 21st, 2007 16:16 EST
Airwolf Returns For a Second Flight on DVD!

Airwolf Returns For a Second Flight on DVD!

By Garrett Godwin


It is the most well-advanced, well-armored, and well-equipped helicopter of all-time.

She is called The Lady, but you know her as Airwolf, now out on DVD for season two (1984-85), featuring all 22 episodes.

Airwolf starred Jan-Michael Vincent as Stringfellow Hawke, an reclusive yet sensitive idealist who is also the pilot of the Mach-1 plus attack helicopter that is sophisticated and ahead of its time.  Together with mentor and father figure Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine), they fly on missions of national concern on behalf of Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III (Alex Cord), the head of the FIRM, assisted mostly by Marella (Deborah Pratt) in exchange of information of Hawke`s MIA brother Saint John ("Sinjin").

After a very dark freshman season involving international intrigue, Airwolf lightened things up in season two where Jean Bruce Scott (Magnum, P.I.) joined the cast as Caitlin O`Shannessy, a former Texas Highway Patrol officer who becomes a part of the Airwolf team. 

In this sophomore season, the Lady becomes a symbol of patroitism, freedom, and justice in America with several episodes such as these:

Sweet Britches- Written by creator and executive producer Donald P. Bellisario, Hawke and Dom takes Airwolf to Texas to search for the former`s friend.  But they end up taking on a corrupt sheriff and his men and made a new friend named Caitlin.

Firestorm- Hawke must rely on a former pilot turned alcoholic and coward to stop a zealot from starting World War III.

The American Dream- The Airwolf trio aids a group of farmers against a Vietnamese warlord who are terrorizing them.

The Firm is in the background, but still remain integral this season with these episodes:

Moffett`s Ghost- Airwolf is haunted by its evil creator, and it is up to Hawke and Santini to electronically exercise it, but must decide whether or not to let the Firm get involved and help fix the supercopter.

Fallen Angel- Written by Pratt, the then newlywed wife of Bellisario, this episode is another fan favorite.  Archangel is kidnapped and tortured in East Germany.  It is up to injured Hawke and Dom to recruit a newly excited Caitlin to rescue Michael or else the Firm "scratches" him permanently.

Severance Pay- Hawke must protect and save an embittered former Firm employee who threatened to release sensitive information when his benefits were denied.

The search for Saint John ("Sinjin") continues this season with two episodes:

HX-1- Featuring a climactic aerial battle, this episode delved more into Hawke`s Vietnam tour when the HX-1 was stolen by mercenaries-- one of whom Hawke and his brother knew during the war and who may know where Saint John is.

Once A Hero- After receiving information from Archangel about his brother, Hawke puts his former elite military team back together.  Along with Dom and the Lady, they travel to Laos and set to rescue Saint John and other prisoners of war.


Airwolf: Season Two has previews of upcoming shows such as House, M.D.: Season Two that are now on DVD.  The downside is that there isn`t any commentaries of these episodes from the cast or Bellisario and Pratt, but Airwolf still delivers after over 20 years.

Airwolf: Season Two is out now, and coming in May 2007, Airwolf: Season Three.