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Published:March 22nd, 2007 14:00 EST
ABC Soaps In Depth brings us 10 Perfect Couples

ABC Soaps In Depth brings us 10 Perfect Couples

By Garrett Godwin

These daytime super couples always have their beginnings such as boy meets girl, or the other way around.  There is also the good girl meets the bad boy with a heart of gold.  However, there is also that love-hate relationship between them, but soon that hate goes from lust to passion to true love.  That is just the start of it.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, ABC Soaps in Depth have chosen their "Perfect 10 Couples" from All My Children, One Life to Live, General Hospital, and Port Charles.

Tad & Dixie (AMC): For over a decade, they have been married three times.  Though they spent more time apart from one another, this couple is never apart from their fans in their hearts -- now that Dixie is dead!

Ryan & Gillian (AMC): Their relationship began as a con game, but the game was over for them when they truly fell in love.  This romance led Ryan Lavery from bad boy to one of the hottest heroes on daytime television. However, their happiness was short-lived when Gillian died from a bullet.  However, the love between them never died when she came back as a spirit and jumped into Opal`s body to be with her soul mate one last time.

Greenlee & Leo (AMC): It is rich bad girl meets bad boy.  Both schemers at heart, this duo started to have a no-strings attached relationship while trying to win the ones they desired.  After fighting their feelings for one another, Leo and Greenlee looked inside their own hearts and realized they are meant to be.

Todd & Blair (OLTL): Damaged, dysfunctional, and so delicious, this is another bad girl meets bad boy.  They keep saying for years that it is over between them, but they keep getting back together every time.  It is no wonder that Todd & Blair are made for each other.

Natalie & John (OLTL): Romance has not always been easy for this Llanview couple, especially when it comes to psychotic killers, evil doctors, coming back from the dead, as well as trust issues.  Not to mention, they are strong-willed, stubborn, and independent -- which makes them a perfect match.

Brenda & Sonny (GH): The first cover couple that showed that love is not enough.  To Sonny (from Jason), it was a great ride for him and Brenda.

Brenda & Jax (GH): Three times, they have been to the altar, and three times, they never said "I Do".  However, their fans say "I Do" -- in their hearts.

Sonny & Carly (GH): They live by this motto: if your marriage does not succeed, try, try, and try again.  Though the third time was not the charm, fans hopefully want the next one will not only be the last one, but also they make it last forever.

Jason & Elizabeth (GH): This couple has incredible chemistry that leaves wanting -- but barely -- more.  They are friends and confidants who trust one another as well as be themselves when together.  Though never said, "I love you" to one another, we love them, and we know they love each other by the way they look at one another and what one person is to the other.

Livvie & Caleb (PC): This love definitely has some bite -- especially when it involves falling for a handsome vampire.

These couples are star-crossed because they want to be together as much as we want them together, but something -- or someone -- keeps them apart.  However, no matter what, something always brings them back together because these couples find their way back to one another.  The love they have for one another as well as the love we have for them is not only real, but also genuine.  In addition, these beloved pairs will live on within us forever.


Source: ABC Soaps in Depth