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Published:May 11th, 2007 07:56 EST
Stargate SG-1 season six on DVD

Stargate SG-1 season six on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

SG-1 moved to a new network and added a new member to their team in Stargate SG-1: Season 6.

After five years on Showtime, Stargate SG-1 went to the SCIFI Channel as part of its SCIFI Friday programming lineup.  Known to teenagers as Parker Lewis in the early 1990s, Corin "Corky" Nemec is all grown up as Jonas Quinn, who replaced fan favorite Daniel Jackson for a year as the newest member of SG-1.

The season starts with the two-part opener, "Redemption", in which the Stargate could end up becoming a doomsday device.

Episode highlights of this season includes "The Other Guys", in which two nerdy scientists in awe of SG-1 is their only hope of rescuing our heroes and saving the day.

Season six was a mixed blessing for loyal fans because Michael Shanks, who played Dr. Jackson from the beginning, left after season five, leading his character to Ascension.  However, though he couldn't intervene, Daniel lends guidance and support to his friends as a sort of guardian angel in this trilogy, which are also highlights:

"Abyss": Jack (Richard Dean Anderson) is captured and tortured by Ba'al, one of the System Lords, and Daniel is his only hope of escape.

"The Changeling": Written by cast member Christopher Judge, the episode finds Teal'c between a world living as a fireman and the world where he and friend Bra'tac are dying, but surviving using only one shared symbiote.

"Full Circle": Daniel asks the team to protect the planet Abydos from Anubis, who wants the Eye of Ra.

After five years with Showtime, Stargate SG-1 transfers to the SCIFI Channel as part of SCIFI Friday.  Available on DVD, season six features all 22 episodes, plus audio commentaries of cast and crew, and much more.

Season six was definitely a season of change for Stargate SG-1.  Still on Friday nights, it was on a new channel as the series became one of the highest-rated shows on the SCIFI Channel, gaining an wider yet mainstream audience.

Unlock the gate with Stargate SG-1: Season 6, available on DVD.