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Published:May 19th, 2007 06:42 EST
Angel discovers his true destiny in final season on DVD

Angel discovers his true destiny in final season on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

A vampire cursed with a conscience, he set out to help the helpless and save lost souls in the City of Angels with the chance of saving his own.  His mission has always been for good, as he continues to battle the darkness outside and inside, he save the world from the apocalypse, embracing his mantle as humanity's champion.

His name is Angel -- and he beats the bad guys.

Available on DVD, Angel: Season Five, features all 22 episodes with audio commentaries of cast and crew, a look back on the series, a celebration of 100th episode, and much more.

The fifth year finds the series going back to being standalone like the freshman year, after hitting its stride with seasons three and four.  However, last season was one big story arc as well as "a supernatural soap opera" that became difficult to gain viewers, which may have led to rumors of cancellation.  So, in order to have an wider audience, Joss Whedon and his team decide to lighten Angel up a bit, and make season five episodes more individualized with occasional mini-arcs.

No longer operating a detective agency, Angel and his friends are now in charge of the law firm, Wolfram & Hart.  Though having reservations at first, the team believes they can do some real good with the firm while trying to uncover the firm's plans for them.  Helping them adjust is the beautiful yet mysterious Eve (Sarah Thompson), who has an hidden agenda of her own.  

Returning to Angel is Mercedes McNab, who reprised her role as the lovable yet clueless Harmony, Spike's former lust interest who becomes Angel's new secretary.  And speaking of Spike, he is resurrected on Angel.

The relationship between these two vampires, as well as their different personalities, are one of the key factors of season five.  Spike and Angel have only two things in common: they save the world and were in love with Buffy.  Though they may not like each other or get along, they slowly come to trust one another as allies in the fight against evil. 

Fan favorites have come back in season five, with bad boy Lindsey McDonald (Christian Kane) out to destroy Angel; Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) returns to help Angel become a hero again, and Connor (Vincent Kartheiser) also comes back to help out his dad.

Despite critical praise and a devoted following, Angel was cancelled in 2004 by the WB Network.  Dedicated fans tried to bring the series back for a sixth year, but the WB didn't change their mind.

The finale, "Not Fade Away", finds the fate of Angel and his crew in question as they fight off a demon horde, but still fighting the good fight with one final quote: "Let's go to work".

Whereas Buffy is about high school and "girl power", the mission statement of Angel has always been about adulthood and dealing with your demons, with redemption as the main focus throughout the series.  It also explored more into good and evil, not just the inevitable war, but also the struggle within, with Angel as the foundation of the inner battle between light and darkness.  Most of all, the battle between good and evil is never-ending, but it is very important to keep going and never stop fighting -- no matter what.

Angel: Season Five is available on DVD.