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Published:June 11th, 2007 08:58 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Thom Kaufold aka Thommy Noodlez

Judyth Piazza chats with Thom Kaufold aka Thommy Noodlez

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

I (Thom Kaufold ) Father of 2 year old twins. have been a on and off comedian for over 15 years and has always had an odd way of viewing the world. I am known for my "No holds barred" sense of humor and my opinions. (Which I have 2 opinions on every topic) Right Now you can hear me on one of the most talked about shows on Satellite Radio. Listen to "Powershift" only on XM Satellite Radio Channel 144, Monday - Friday 8PM - 10PM"EST ...Hosted by Joe Castello and Thommy Noodlez.

Its a different kind of MOTORSPORTS Talk Show, We make Racing fun. Its not just reading news story after news story. Or the same questions asked to the same drivers OVER and OVER again. This is the place FANS get a voice. You can participate with your thoughts, comments and questions by calling 1-866-967-6144 Please go to

Thommy Noodlez`s unique humor & perspective makes you laugh as he challenges his listeners on the funniest topics of the day. His "common sense of humor" is highly entertaining. Thommy Noodlez` high-energy and passion for radio makes you feel as though he is in the same room with you.

Thommy Noodlez is a popular talk-radio Co-host. He worked his way up in radio, from a board op (fresh out of broadcasting school), to an on the air personality with a cornerstone of Las Vegas morning radio. He then flew through the ranks of two different local radio stations. With his wit and personality, it`s no surprise that Thommy Noodlez rapidly drew the favor of his colleagues and was granted a job as 3rd seat on a morning talk show. That was good, but he had his sites set much higher. The truth is, local radio was not big enough to contain Thommy Noodlez` massive aspirations and growing talent, he has since taken a step out onto the national stage.
On the "POWERSHIFT" show, Thommy Noodlez addresses many topical issues; mostly from a conservative viewpoint (he describes himself as an Idiot with A.D.D leanings, a strong sense of humor and off-the-wall sarcasm opinions). It doesn`t matter if you love `em or hate `em (he`s heard both). His show includes vast quantities of humor and sarcasm. Noodlez claims to know one thing on every topic, and a newest version of his show features himself as Head Writer, which means the "POWERSHIFT" show contains more comedy than other Motor Sports talk-radio programs."
The premise of the show is simple: real people, discussing real life. and Motor Sports, "Powershift" is highly entertaining and proves once and for all that Idiots are in radio and making people laugh! In recent months, the show`s fan base has exploded by word of mouth and a fledgling cult following on the internet.