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Published:July 8th, 2007 08:06 EST
This Summer,  it is Time to Live Free or Die Hard

This Summer, it is Time to Live Free or Die Hard

By Garrett Godwin

It always has been the story of John McClane's life: the wrong person at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Though he always had a very bad day, he is always able to come out on top and save the day.

Returning to the signature role that made him an action hero and superstar in 1988, Bruce Willis reprises his iconic character that tells to either Live Free or Die Hard.

This time, the heroic NYPD detective finds himself divorced from his wife Holly and estranged from his family, especially his daughter Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).  His assignment was supposed to be bringing computer hacker Matt Farrell (Justin Long) into custody to Homeland Security in Washington, D.C..  But it turns out that it wasn't easy as he thought when terrorists set out to kill the two of them in Matt's apartment.

It is part of a plan by embittered Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant), who is seeking revenge against the U.S. government for his dismissal.  The leader of an Internet-based organization, he and his team set out to cripple America through computer systems.  However, the case gets personal for McClane when daughter Lucy is kidnapped.  Therefore, using those famous wits of his and Matt's hacking abilities, John McClane must set out to not only defend the Capitol, but also the red, white, and blue known as the United States of America.

However, although Bruce Willis has had hits (The Sixth Sense) and misses (Hudson Hawk) in his career in trying to separate himself from both his popular protagonist and the action genre, the audience will love and remember Bruce Willis as John McClane.

Like others, John McClane is a reluctant hero who is blessed and cursed with the opportunity to step up to the plate and take on the bad people; he gets hurt, beat up, and knocked down, but gets back up and keeps going.  The reason he continues to risk his life is because there is nobody else that can do it but him.  An Everyman, he uses brains instead of brawn in any dangerous situation, as well as using humor to relieve the tension and the stress that he is in.  Though flawed and anti-authority, McClane is an ordinary man who does the extraordinary in order to make the wrong things right. 

Both Bruce Willis and Die Hard redefine the action genre because John McClane is an action hero with both humor and heart.

Choose to Live Free or Die Hard, which is in theatres now.