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Published:August 15th, 2007 04:53 EST
Jason Bourne will finally discover his 'Identity' in 'Ultimatum'

Jason Bourne will finally discover his 'Identity' in 'Ultimatum'

By Garrett Godwin

It began with Jason Bourne in 2002's Identity, and it will end with Jason Bourne this summer with Ultimatum, the third and possible final chapter of the hugely successful film franchise based on the books of author Robert Ludlow.

Ultimatum picks up where 2004's Supremacy left off, with Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) continuing his quest for the truth as he slowly uncovers bits and pieces of his mysterious past, while being on the run from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). His journey takes him from Europe to New York, as he discovers secret and covert operations within the government, in which he was the first in the program that involves high-ranking and powerful individuals. In the process, Bourne comes face-to-face with his past -- and finally knowing his real name.

Ultimatum also stars Joan Allen and Julia Stiles, reprising their roles as Pamela Landy and Nicky Parsons-- who end up becoming Bourne's only allies within the CIA.

The film has amazing fight choreography, incredible suspense and intensity, bringing a serious sense of realism that delivers the action from beginning to end.

Being perceived as the "anti-Bond", Damon brings the vulnerability and humanity to the role of Jason Bourne, as this brooding protagonist is not only running from the CIA, but also running from his past.


Haunted by the violence that surrounds him, Bourne shows deep remorse for his actions, as he struggles to discover who he is and his past in order to find closure, so that he can figure out where he can go from there, and what to do next.

Bourne comes full circle with The Bourne Ultimatum, the number one movie in America, now showing in theaters.