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Published:October 5th, 2007 13:32 EST
The Halliwell Sisters Begin Their Final Chapter in Charmed on DVD

The Halliwell Sisters Begin Their Final Chapter in Charmed on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

For years, the Charmed Ones have been leading the good fight against the forces of evil.  But after seven years, the sisters have decided to pursue a different destiny: living demon-free, normal lives.  Soon, they'll quickly discover that it's not easy when you're Charmed.

Thanks to a last-minute reprieve from the then-WB, Charmed returned for its eighth and final season, which is now available on DVD.

In season eight, the Halliwell family fake their deaths after their climactic battle with the demon Zankou (Oded Fehr) in order to avoid being exposed to the authorities.  Charmed became a little more Sex and the City, as the final season focused more on the personal lives of the Halliwell family.

Still, they continue to fight evil, thanks to their new ally, Billie Jenkins (Kaley Cuoco), who is in training to be a good witch by the Charmed Ones, as she learns the importance of fighting the good fight and protecting the innocent.  However, Billie's search for her sister, Christy, missing for fifteen years, will have her being tested.

Charmed's final season finds Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Paige (Rose McGowan) finally finding true love, while Piper's will be taken.  Due to budget cuts, Brian Krause only appeared in the first ten episodes, leaving Leo in suspended animation.  In the second half, Piper becoming a single mother again as she struggles with, for the second time, life with Leo; but she will be on a mission to get her soul mate back, as the final battle lies ahead.

Featuring all 22 episodes, Charmed's eighth season features several extras on DVD, such as episode commentaries, a look back on the series and much more.

After eight years, Charmed has become the longest-running series on television with female leads, with Laverne & Shirley (1976-83) in second.

Get set free by the Power of Three with Charmed: The Final Season, now available on DVD.