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Published:October 20th, 2007 15:52 EST
Vestige of the Vox Populi # 54

Vestige of the Vox Populi # 54

By Sean Stubblefield

I love finding hidden video treasures on the internets. One such treat I recently discovered is an entertaining educational video series called Hotforwords. Marina is a philologist (a studier of words) who combines beauty and brains (proving they are not mutually exclusive attributes) as she investigates and reveals the meaning and origin of words that are submitted by viewers.

Being a lover of words myself, I enjoy her always informatively playful exposition delivered in a European accent, but I’m a dilettante compared to her. A charming lack of acting prowess does not belie her obviously genuine passion and aptitude for words. Choosing a sample vid was difficult, because so many of them are awesome.


The name Hot for words is an appropriate play on words, simultaneously signifying that she is using her “hotness” to exhibit words, and that she loves words.

Cleverly, though perhaps shamelessly/shamefully and unnecessarily, she exploits the fact that she is a “hot chick”-- as a kind of disguise or role-- to attract attention. She seeks to assume a more pleasing shape to help spread the word, so to speak.

The tag line and credo of Marina’s presentations is: Intelligence is sexy. Don’t think otherwise!

While I agree, I think it is unfortunate that she needs to accentuate that point with a ploy of her physical sexuality, which almost contradicts and detracts from the point intended. Marina is pretty without accentuating and flaunting it.

But despite that, I applaud and appreciate her efforts to educate people by sharing her interest in words.