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Published:October 26th, 2007 14:25 EST
Chase Von Interviews Lovely Actress Kimberly Prendez

Chase Von Interviews Lovely Actress Kimberly Prendez

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Interview on behalf of the Student Operated Press with...Kimberly Prendez Actress, Writer and Filmmaker 
Chase von:  Hey Kimberly!  I know I am going to enjoy this interview because you are such a lovely down to earth lady!  I also often get the feeling you were born out of time so to speak.  I know of your love for romance, your love of black and white photography and the classic older movies.  I also love how when you made your movie, 'Until Next Time', it has everyone in it dressed as if they were back in the day!  Such class and elegance!   And I must say, you look so beautiful decked out in the same kind of clothing that Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Dorothy Dandridge once wore.  Are you comfortable in this present world of ours or do you sometimes wish you were alive back then?  When men opened doors, and women took such care in their dress that they looked like movie stars, even while doing dishes?  

Kimberly Prendez:  Thank you for the kind words about my film "Until Next Time." Yes, I sometimes wish I were living my life as the women did in the 30's and 40's.  I love the class of that era.  I love that women dressed like ladies even when around the house.  I suppose a lot of women back then didn't have the busy lives of women today.  So many women today are holding down jobs, taking care of the kids and the house, school etc. all at the same time.  To touch on the whole "gentleman" of that time as well, well I believe that women have made it so much "easier" on men these days.  We don't command respect.  I suppose I shouldn't say all women but there are a lot of women that are more concerned with showing men "we don't need you", in other words, a lot of women are taking on the "role" of the man instead of allowing men to "own" that.  There is nothing wrong with being a strong woman but don't forget there are men and women for a reason, we are different and quite frankly I love being the lady thus being treated as one.

Chase von:  You've been really making a mark with your acting career!  You've been in 'Valerie and Sid', 'Waves', 3 Paces To The Closet Door', 'No Justice', and are also slated to be in 'Tales From the Other Side' which is going to be a modern day version of the 'Twilight Zone, numerous commercials and also appeared along with singing R and B sensation, 'Jaheim'.  You also were chosen by 'Artist Interviews Magazine' as one of their featured "up and coming" Hollywood actresses and were a nominee for 'Actress of the Month' for the very prestigious, 'Independent Film Alliance'.

With all that going on, how did you find the time to not only write your own movie, but also star in it, film it, and with your first film out the gate, be selected for the Indiefest USA International Film Festival? 

Kimberly Prendez:  Wow, you've done your homework Chase!  Well, I had a story in mind for quite some time and with the help of very close friend and filmmaker Angelo Bell, I sat down on New Years weekend going into 2007 and wrote my first draft for "Until Next Time."  I had many rewrites through the month of March.  I honestly don't know how I found the time to do it, lol.  It was a dream and I was actually going through a very hard time in my "love life", so making the film was the best thing I did for myself during that time.  I went into pre-production by the end of Feb and we were filming by mid April.  I had an amazing director that helped so much along with a brilliant Cinematographer.  Without them, I would have been lost.  My dear friend Angelo Bell also helped me along the way with answering my many questions! lol.  So, here we are 9 months since I sat down that weekend and began writing and we have been accepted into our first film festival. I have also submitted to Sundance and Slamdance, which I will be notified if we got in the first week of December.  It is a very exciting time!

Chase von:  Can you without giving too much away, tell us a bit about your film, 'Until Next Time', and also what the inspiration was for you to write it?

Kimberly Prendez:  The film is about a woman whose lover has passed away and she makes a very "provocative" choice on how to replace him.  In the end, she must decide if she is going to continue on her journey, choose to truly live or join her lover, Anthony, in his world.  I think we have all been through a time in our life where we may have made a rash decision when it comes to love, especially after loosing a special love.  Sometimes we just want that "feeling" again and we may try too hard or try to get that feeling with the wrong person.  Then comes the time where we need to get ourselves out of the situation.  Heartbreak is always hard; there is no easy way to get through it.  I suppose time, yes; time is the way to get through.  This film was inspired by love, true love; a love that is so connected no one else can even begin to understand. 

Chase von:  Alas, I too am at heart, a hopeless romantic.  Who are some of the writers that you like to read the most and some of the films that you find most touching in that regard? 

Kimberly Prendez:  Oh goodness, well my favorite poem of all time is Poe's "Romance."  It is such beauty, the words I could read over and over.  I read the Notebook about 6 yrs. ago.  Way before there was any talk of a movie and oh, how I loved it.  As far as films, I could seriously go on and on.  I love films that maybe aren't the "typical" romance.  I mean the Notebook was lovely and very touching but some of my favorite films that I consider romantic are Buffalo 66, True Romance, Malena, The Lover and Great Expectations.  

Chase von:  Are we going to be seeing a star on Hollywood Boulevard for you as an actress, a filmmaker, or both?  And will you be adding 'Singer' any time soon in the near future to your vast resume? 
Kimberly Prendez:  LOL!  Singer?  Oh goodness no!  I wish I could sing!  I have always wanted to be a singer.  When I was little, I would perform for the family, poor things.  I don't know if I will ever have a star on Hollywood Blvd, but if I do, it would be for acting.  That is my first love!  I also love writing and I am working on my first feature length script as we speak.  I am actually collaborating with one of the actors from my film, Jeff Torres.  He is an amazing talent!

Chase von:  If I was interviewing someone else, this probably wouldn't be such an integral question to the interview, but with you, it's very important.  Are there actors and actresses of old that you really look up to and admire and is there any particular actress you think has truly influenced you and how you approach your many different roles?  Additionally, are there any current actors and actresses that you also admire and feel are truly living masters of your profession?

Kimberly Prendez:  Again, I could go on and on here.  Some of the "old time' actors and actresses I love are Gloria Swanson, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Gregory Peck and Marlon Brando. There are a handful of actresses that I am inspired by, either by their talent, their "story" or both.  I have always been fascinated with Marilyn Monroe, her life, what she went through.  She was so much more than the soft-spoken blonde.  She was extremely serious about acting.  She wanted to be great, she wanted to be respected.  She battled with insecurity and depression and I can relate to her. I have my own battles with both.  I definitely have never been one to self medicate as she did though, so I guess I am lucky that my coping skills are truly present and strong.  I too want to be taken seriously, I want to be great, and I want to learn more.  As far as actresses of today, I love Monica Bellucci, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Connelly and Halle Berry.  I am inspired by all of these women.  I don't know if there is one actress in particular that influences me on how I prepare for a role.  However, I do read a lot, watch a lot of Actors Studio on the Bravo channel and still study with an acting coach, so all of those things combined help me to prepare. 

Chase von:  How important is family to you, and what is your take on the state of our current world?

Kimberly Prendez:  Family is very important!  Those are the people that will hopefully always support you in whatever it is you want to do in life.  I also have friends that are like my family, how do they say?  "Friends are the family we choose."  My girlfriends are extremely supportive, they are all so happy for me.  I also think my mom, my sister and my girlfriends are my biggest fans, as it should be. 

Oh, the world today, well, I don't want to get all political, so I am going to stay within the realm of family and address it that way.  I firmly believe that we don't have the family values we should. Too many people are worried about getting a bigger house, fancier car and impressing the boss instead of spending time with the family.  Children don't go to the park anymore.  They are on computers and playing games that are extremely violent and listening to music that degrades women, glorifies gangs, drugs and violence.  I am so tired of hearing parents say things like, "Well, that's just what kids do these days!"  That to me is complete BS and lazy parenting!  I would rather my son or daughter watch a beautiful film that may have some adult content, than play those violent games or listen to certain music.  I think it is so funny that a parent will freak out if their child sees a topless woman in a good film but then turn around and buy him or her a disgusting video game.  Why do Americans freak out over sex/nudity, like it's dirty?  It is a natural thing, a beautiful thing.  Do I think young people should be sexually active?  Absolutely not!  I just think we need to focus on the games they are playing, the time spent on the computer, the music they are listening to, the shows they watch and whom they hang out with.  After all, these children really are our future! 

Chase von:  I know from reading up on you, that you love doing laundry, housework, and keep StarBucks in business.  (Smile).  I bet every single man reading this stopped to do a double take!  Are you one of those people that although, is in the acting community, hasn't lost touch with your roots and don't see yourself, regardless of how visible you are to the public, above any of the rest of us?

Kimberly Prendez:  Oh gosh, I am above no one and never will be.  I am just one person on this earth!  I am just trying to live the best life possible, a life that creates happiness for me.  If I am happy, well then everyone around me will be happy.  In the last year or so I truly have been learning so much about me, others and life.  It is a wonderful thing.  I feel like I am becoming the woman that I have always dreamed of being.  I have a long way to go yet but I am enjoying the journey.  I just want to be spiritually connected, act, write, travel, visit museums, read good books, watch great films, sip some merlot, discover new things and be happy, (smile).  I guess getting older is a good thing!

Chase von:  Not saying this because I have to and this is an interview, but you are beautiful and very shapely!  I just have to ask though, is that simply natural and blessings from your parents or do you have to work out to keep your figure and more importantly, how do you find the time with all the things you have on your plate if that is the case?

Kimberly Prendez:  (Laughing).  I am naturally blessed BUT I do have to exercise now to keep what I have.  I am almost 37 yrs old so it takes some work to keep that body I had in my 20's (smile).  I just eat healthy, mostly organic foods, walk/run my dog and do some working out at the gym. 

Chase von: What would you say, if you were standing in front of a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet and regardless of what language it was they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?

Kimberly Prendez: Oh, I love this question!  I would speak softly, I would speak with such emotion, and I love children.  I would tell them to think with their hearts, follow their hearts.  Look at others through their heart.  Respect themselves, always.  Respect their mind, body and spirit and be leaders.  When things get tough, always remember it will not be like this forever.  No matter what you're going through!  Keep yourself educated, be kind and others will follow.  Believe in yourself and help others believe.  Love yourself!  Speak up and always look people in the eye.  Be honest, be giving.  I would say all of these things over and over, until I felt that they had really heard me.

Chase von:  How can our readers find you and more about you?  What web sites and movie links are out there so they can learn more about the writer, actress, and filmmaker Kimberly Prendez?

Kimberly Prendez:  My website will always have the most current news and link you to many other sites. my myspace, IMDB, and many other links are there on the website.

Chase von:  On behalf of The Operated Student Press and myself, I thank you so much Kimberly for taking the time out to do this.  I also wish you much success with your movie 'Until Next Time' and continued success with your acting career as well!

Kimberly Prendez:  I would like to thank you Chase, for giving me this opportunity.  It was a wonderful interview full of great questions.