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Published:November 1st, 2007 10:48 EST
Harry Dresden comes to life again on DVD

Harry Dresden comes to life again on DVD

By Garrett Godwin

Harry Dresden, though a wizard, doesn't do two things: he doesn't do parties and he doesn't teach magic.  But when you're in trouble, he's the only one you can count on to save you against the forces of darkness. Author Jim Butcher's protagonist comes to life on the SCIFI Channel with The Dresden Files, chronicling the cases of the Chicago PI/wizard.  Aired on Sunday nights at 9pm, the series was cancelled after one season despite a very devoted fan following. 

Now you have another chance with The Dresden Files: The Complete Series, available on DVD featuring all 12 episodes with audio commentaries and deleted scenes.

Harry Dresden (Paul Blackthrone) is the only wizard listed on the Chicago phone book, which hasn't give him success, as he takes on cases involving finding people and lost items.  So, to supply income, he becomes a private consultant for his friend, Lt. Murphy (Valerie Murphy) of the Chicago Police Department.  Bob (Terrance Mann), Harry's other ally; spirit guide, and roommate, helps Harry deal with the supernatural.  With Murphy and Bob by his side, Harry Dresden sets out to save lost souls against the forces of evil.

There were many speculations of the demise of The Dresden Files, such as it was due to budget costs.  Some say it was because of low ratings, but the truth is that the series has done well on its 9pm timeslot on Sunday nights despite tough competition against ABC's Desperate Housewives and CBS' Cold Case

The series had several things going.  The main character, Harry Dresden, is both a reluctant hero and tragic figure.  Haunted by his dark past, he is blessed -- and cursed -- with the power to do make the wrong things right.  He is also similar to another small-screen detective, Jim Rockford: an outsider and loner always getting knocked down, but always getting back up by using his wits and dry humor. 

Another is the relationship between Harry and Murphy.  The finale, "Second City", shows there is possible sexual tension between the two of them.  Though they bickered like an old married couple, there is a surrogate father-son relationship between Harry and Bob.

Like Jericho, fans are campaigning to resurrect The Dresden Files on SCIFI.  If you're a fan and want more on how to get involved, then go to Dresden City at

Time to re-open The Dresden Files, now available on DVD.



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