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Published:November 3rd, 2007 08:26 EST
Mean Girls: Movie Lessons

Mean Girls: Movie Lessons

By Amy Spagnola

L. Lohan played their victim in the movie, Mean Girls, a popular teen-angst film that captured the awkwardness associated with adolescence. However, the movie did more than resurrect John Hughes lore, it brought to the forefront the idea of mean girls ".

This idea catapulted the concept of a tribe of ultra-mean, uber-selfish and undeniably pretentious girls as ubiquitous an accessory in the walls of high schools as lockers, their featured storyline shed light on the demands and depths of the popularity pursuers. These girls had a strict dress code, an exclusion policy of epic proportions and a laundry list of appearance necessities that would make even Kate Moss cringe.

The movie was comedic in the fact that it portrayed these lionesses as something spawned from the savage wilderness, a group out to serve only their needs and to destroy anyone who dared to invade their path. These unfriendly and self-serving immodest Plastics " may have seemed a funny portrayal, but the sad truth is more and more schools are hosting such cliques.

Popularity equals power and has long been a social status coveted as much as Oprah`s paycheck. Cady Heron (Lohan) must transform herself into a Plastic in order to understand their rituals and ruin their leader. She comes to discover that their superficiality is linked to super insecurity and that their lives are dominated by diets, drama and diva behavior that leaves no room for fun. In fact, the Plastic clan even overcomes Heron`s good sense as she is lured into a world of fierce competition and ugliness.

The movie is an excellent example of the evils that can erupt when girls become frenemies in a quest to dominate a social scene. The Plastics aren`t true friends, nor even like sharing each other`s company, they only tolerate one another for their desperation at ascension on the social ladder.

True Mean Girls and their vile behaviors exist. There are strong cliques in every school. Groups of people who wish to elevate themselves from the everyday existence of their peers. This means creating lots of tension and terror for those subjected to their actions.            

But avoiding becoming a Mean Girl or a Mean Girl target can be easier than it looks:

-Be True to Yourself:  Don`t listen to other people about how to dress, think, and act. If you like wearing purple sneakers and sunglasses indoors, then go for it.

-Don`t compromise your own beliefs:  If your friend really likes 80`s Madonna and you can only listen to contemporary 00`s Madge, then don`t change.

-Learn to like yourself and celebrate accomplishments big and small:  Make sure you continually invest in your own personal self-esteem " bank account, go for a pedicure after you get an A on a test, rewarding yourself for good deeds makes you feel psychologically more powerful and pertinent.

-Spend time with people outside of school:  Involve yourself in Church, sports or other activities with people and places outside of your school habitat, this will ensure that you don`t become too wrapped up in superficial pursuits like popularity.

-Find Friends with common interests who aren`t chasing popularity:  If you dive into the popularity pool, it`s easy to drown; pursue people who don`t care about who`s dating who, who`s wearing what, etc.