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Published:November 16th, 2007 02:39 EST  wants to help Striking Writers wants to help Striking Writers

By SOP newswire

Writers are the creative minds behind the shows and movies we all love to watch. Their work provides the foundation for the content produced by the entertainment industry.  But since November 5, 12,000 entertainment writers have been on strike.

These writers are on strike for a pretty simple reason:  they want fair compensation when their content is streamed on the Internet by the networks. Right now, writers get nothing for this work—even if written exclusively for online audiences—and the studios want to keep it that way. 
Some of my favorite shows, like the "The Colbert Report" and "The Daily Show," have been running reruns for the last week—and I've just learned that tonight's episode of "The Office" is the last original show.  But I only want my favorite shows back if their writers can get a fair deal.

Join me in sending a message to Hollywood executives: it's time to treat your writers fairly.

More and more TV shows are going to go off the air because of the stinginess of the studios.  It's estimated that the companies will bring in a whopping $4.6 billion over the next three years through the Internet—and they don't want to give the writers a penny.  The networks and studios tell the writers there's no money to be made online—then, the CEOs of the same companies brag to Wall Street that they're making tons of money online.  Which do you believe?
The entertainment industry should embrace new media, but not on the backs of its writers.  Sign our petition in protest now!
You may ask, why should I care about Hollywood writers?   Make no mistake - their fight is not just playing out in Hollywood. These hardworking men and women are taking a stand against corporate greed.  Just like any of us, they should be compensated fairly for the work that they do.  We need to stand with them as they defend workers' rights and abilities in our new economy.
The strike has continued for 10 days because Hollywood studios refuse to sit down and seriously negotiate with the writers.  Stand in solidarity with the writers, and tell the studio companies to come back to the bargaining table and resolve this strike.
Thank you for your help with this urgent request.  I'll be in touch as this campaign progresses.
Liz Cattaneo,
American Rights at Work
P.S.  The writers have a blog where they post updates, photos, and videos from the picket lines.  Check it out at