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Published:February 7th, 2008 11:20 EST
Two SuperFriends make the List of Movie Heroes

Two SuperFriends make the List of Movie Heroes

By Garrett Godwin

"I`m here to fight for truth, justice, and the American Way"

He is the last survivor of his home planet, Krypton, who grew up on Earth to become its champion.  He is the Man of Steel, known as Superman, who is on the Heroes list at number five on Total Film Magazine.

After almost seventy years, the world continues to need Superman because he brings inspiration to us all of being a better person.  Though the world continues to change and people are becoming disillusioned and cynical, Superman never changes...remaining idealistic and optimistic, bringing hope when it is needed. 

For years, there have been discussions of Superman being a Christ-like figure.  The Trinity: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit.  In the world of Superman, there`s Kal-El, son of Jor-El and only survivor of Krypton; there`s Clark Kent, adopted by loving farmers Jonathan and Martha and raised in Smallville, Kansas, growing to be a mild-mannered reporter of the Daily Planet; and there`s Superman, the "white knight" who does everything right and came not to be served but to serve on behalf of humanity.  Superman is humble, virtuous, selfless, and honest -- willing to help in anyway he can.

"It`s not who I am underneath.  It`s what I do that defines me."

He strikes fear into the hearts of criminals.  Some called him crazy, insane, and as psychotic as the rest of the freaks out there he aims to stop.  But where evil is present, he is vengeance -- and the night.  He is the Caped Crusader called Batman... and he is at number two on the list.

Orphaned as a child, Bruce Wayne watched his parents being murdered.  Haunted by that memory, he spent years seeking the means to fight injustice -- training his mind and body to go from being a crime victim to the ultimate weapon against crime.  Batman doesn`t just fight crime-- he solves them, thus earning his title as the Dark Knight Detective.  He doesn`t have any super powers, although he makes up for it using his brain and brawn... but walks the line between justice and revenge.

By day, billionaire Bruce Wayne is one of the world`s most eligible bachelors -- running an international company.  Some call him a playboy due to his fleeting romantic relationships, while others called him shallow and self-centered.  But if it is possible that Bruce Wayne is the alter-ego, then Batman is the dominant personality: dedicating his entire life to battling the forces of evil to avenge and honor the memory and death of his parents.  Tragic, brooding, and alone, the Batman continues his lone vigilante war on crime, making Gotham a safe place once again so that no one -- not even children -- will have to suffer the way he has.

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