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Published:April 13th, 2008 06:54 EST
Dark Angel: Season Two DVD Review

Dark Angel: Season Two DVD Review

By Garrett Godwin

"Now look what you've done."
                                       -Logan Cale ("Eyes Only")

The covert government organization known as Manticore created her to be the perfect solider-- a human weapon.  Then, she escaped and spent the next ten years living underground in Seattle.  But in a future that has a broken world, she now realizes that the only way to stop running is to start fighting back, which will lead to her destiny. 

From Oscar-winning director James Cameron (The Terminator, Titanic) comes the second and final season of Dark Angel.  Available on DVD, it has all 21 episodes with a behind-the-scenes look of the season, audio commentaries of pivotal episodes from cast and crew, gag reel and more.

With Manticore finally destroyed, Max thought that chapter of her life was closed.  But it wasn't, as a virus was injected in Max, for if she and Logan (Michael Weatherly, NCIS) comes in contact, the end result is fatal.  Manticore no longer means that transgenics are now out in the world.  However, they're being hunted by ruthless Ames White (Martin Cummins), a government operative in charge of a Manticore clean-up crew as well as member of a religious cult called the Illuminati.  Now, Max and her friends decide to take a final stand, as they try to make their place in a world that fears and doesn't understand.

Dark Angel changed formats in season two, with a "mutant of the week" premise; some say it was due to the attacks on 9/11.  The series became more light-hearted, with the introduction of roguish Alec (Jensen Ackles, Supernatural), gentle man-dog Joshua (Kevin Durand) and freedom fighter Asha (Ashley Scott, Jericho) causing romantic tension between Logan and Max. 

Episode commentaries of season two includes the opener "Designate This," in which Max was at Manticore once again; "The Berrisford Agenda" finds memories of a package stirring up memories for Alec when he was at Manticore, leading to the death of a young woman he once loved; "Freak Nation" finds Max and Alec now outed as transgenics.  Directed by Cameron, it became the series finale, as so many questions was left unanswerd that would have been solved had Dark Angel been renewed for a third season.

Highlights of this season are the Halloween-themed "Boo" in which Max, Joshua, and several transgenics are on a mission to stop a headless hitman; "Two" finds Joshua being suspected in a series of brutal murders committed by a man-dog; "She Ain't Heavy" finds Max also facing her own twin, as Terminal City became home for the transgenics.

Though it has been cancelled since 2002, Dark Angel has continued through a trilogy of novels, and still develops a cult following thanks to reruns on the SCIFI Channel.  There are also online petitions to bring it back either as a series for season three or as a big-screen movie.

Before she was Fantastic as Sue Storm, Jessica Alba "was proud to be a freak" as Max, the Dark Angel of "Freak Nation." Season two is now available on DVD.