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Published:May 29th, 2008 15:45 EST
Is  TV Cook Rachael Ray a Jihadist?

Is TV Cook Rachael Ray a Jihadist?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Dunkin` Donuts ad featuring Rachael Ray has been taken off the air due to a scarf the actress wears in the spot that resembles a kiffiyeh, a Middle Eastern garb that is regularly worn by Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading videos.

The ad was placed under the spotlight when a Fox news commentator associated the scarf with terrorists. VP of Communications at Dunkin` Donuts has said that "Absolutely no symbolism was intended." However, the company still pulled the ad."

Quotation from ShortNews.Com

Rachael Ray looks like the girl next door, she`s as wholesome as a glass of milk. If she knocked on my front door wearing a kiffiyeh, a suicide belt and had an AK-47 slung over her shoulder, I would invite her inside for milk and cookies.

There might be a video that depicts Rachael chopping a head of lettuce in two, but only in a demented alternate universe would there be footage of the adorable cook beheading an infidel.

If a psychiatrist held up the Dunkin` Donuts ad and asked his patients what thoughts came to mind, they would respond with words like: Goodness, fulfillment, hot Mamma, yummy, nirvana... Only an anal-retentive Fox news personality would think: Jihadist!

If Rachael is to be faulted it`s for shilling for Dunkin` Donuts; as a TV cook with a lot of influence she should be promoting foods that are healthy. But, I forgive her because she is so loveable.

*Journalistic integrity demands I reveal that I have a crush on Rachael Ray. Duh, as if it`s not obvious.